Starker X, Ltd. is a company established primarily to serve as a Qualified Intermediary to facilitate tax-deferred exchanges of real estate or other property under I.R.C. Section 1031.

Why choose Starker X. Ltd?
Starker X, Ltd. has two CPAs with a total of 43 years of experience. We have a full tax library and online research capability. Therefore, most questions and planning issues will be covered in our regular fees. However, some complicated exchanges may require additional research, such as resolving related party issues, partnership problems, and personal property or other specialty property situations (i.e. improvements made to the Replacement property before the exchange is completed). This work will be billed at the hourly rate of the professional performing the research. You will be informed of these charges prior to the completion of the work.

Keep Your Dollars Growing
We can help you...
  • Exchange Real Estate for Real Estate
    - Land for Income Producing Property
  • Implement a reverse exchange, to be used
    - When your property has not sold
  • Exchange Personal property for like kind
    Personal Property
  Reinvest your gains - - - Postpone your taxes

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